Clinical Supervision in NYC

At Delve, we offer an open, exceptional level of expertise in training and supervising early career therapists. Our senior supervising psychologists have years of experience and postdoctoral-level training. They have each provided weekly individual and group supervision to over 100 therapists during their training journeys, including masters and doctoral level psychology and counseling students, social work students, and psychiatric residents and fellows.

Our supervision approach focuses on developing a psychodynamic conceptualization of a client and empowering therapists to find their unique voice and style. We encourage the exploration of transference, countertransference, and enactments as a source of information allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of individuals and the unconscious messages conveyed within the therapy room. We emphasize formulating interventions that facilitate emotional expression and increasing awareness of interpersonal patterns of behavior.

If you seek to enhance your therapy practice, consider Delve’s clinical supervision in NYC. For more information and enrollment details, reach out to us.

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