Depression and Anxiety Therapy

In therapy, individuals often seek to address conflicts with others or internal struggles that can manifest as anxiety, depression, and a sense of purposelessness. Frequently, the overwhelming nature of anxiety and depression symptoms makes it challenging to discern their underlying causes. We find ourselves trapped in worry, plagued by intrusive thoughts, burdened by sadness, devoid of motivation, and weighed down by guilt, making it difficult to move forward.

Achieving Growth Through Healing

Paradoxically, behaviors such as fixating on social interactions may represent a coping mechanism to safeguard against the more painful memories of neglect, bullying, or invalidation from our childhood. Once we establish this connection, releasing the grip of obsessive thoughts and addressing the underlying childhood experiences can lead to significant relief and healing.

Expert Guidance in Managing Anxiety and Depression

At Delve, our expertise lies in helping you navigate these symptoms by deciphering the messages they convey. For instance, feelings of sadness and a lack of motivation may stem from past experiences of emotional wounds and invalidation inflicted by significant figures in our lives. Intense, obsessive worry might be a shield concealing unexpressed anger buried deep within. Essentially, our symptoms serve as the visible portion of a larger iceberg. Once we uncover what lies beneath, express it, and work through it, we liberate ourselves to achieve personal and professional growth.

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